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The day was Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009. The night before, me and my wife were planning to go to either Sto. Nino Church or to the Carmelites Chapel to light a candle. Then after wards, maybe go to the mall just to walk around (for her exercise). But then again, there are just some things in life that you just have no control.
At around 4am that morning, I woke up because Belle accidentally hit me while she was trying to get out of bed to go to urinate. Then suddenly she stopped by the doorway in our room and said that she thinks her water broke. I stood up as if dowse with cold water and asked her to repeat what she just said. After hearing it again, she woke up her mom while I turned the lights on and looked at where she was pointing. After hearing her explanation to her mom, she (my mother-in-law) suggested we go to the hospital to have my wife checked.
So we took a cab, and went to the hospital. We went directly to the delivery room and I was instructed to wait outside while they examine Belle. I waited for several minutes and afterwards, the nurses there called me and confirmed what Belle had guessed. As I informed my mom and my mother-in-law about the situation, I went to the front desk to register my wife as a patient in the hospital. It seems it was going to be D-Day for me and Belle.
Afterwards, I went home to grab my wife’s bag and our baby’s and back again to the hospital. I went directly to the room that was given to us, left the bags and went immediately to the Labor and Delivery room only to be disappointed. I was told calmly by the nurses that I cannot go inside with her, and that they will just inform me of any updates regarding her condition. So I went back to the room and tried to rest while waiting for news. But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t relax. I tried to sleep again, but I was uneasy. Even watching movies in HBO didn’t seem to help. After two hours, her mom arrived in the hospital. And since she knew most of the resident doctors in the hospital, she was able to visit Belle and assess her condition. Her mom assured me that she was fine and that she is in the early stages of her labor. So we waited.
After a few hours, I went back to Labor and Delivery room and asked them about Belle’s condition. They said she’s already in labor and she’s starting to feel the pain. They said they gave her some medicine to force her to go to labor since her water bag prematurely ruptured and it could cause some problems with our baby later on. I tried to take a peek but I couldn’t clearly see her so I went back to the room disappointed. By this time, most of Belle’s family was already with me in the hospital room, including her nephews. And so, they waited with me for news about my wife’s situation.
When it was already 6pm, I received a text message from Belle saying she can’t take the pain anymore. So I went to the Labor room and asked the resident OB, if it’s possible for me to go inside to be with my wife. After a few hesitations, she allowed me to go in as long as I don’t take too long. So I went inside and honestly, I was shocked. It was the first time I saw her like that. She was in pain… and she was weak. I really felt so sad at that time. She was already begging me to allow her to have a C-section. And to be honest, I was so scared with what I saw that I wanted to give in. I asked her to wait for a few minutes more since her OB was already on the way. So I waited with her in the room and tried my best to ease her pain. When her OB and her mom arrived in the Delivery Room, I stepped outside and waited for their decision.
After almost two hours waiting patiently outside the room, one of the nurses called me inside and asked me to wear a gown, a surgical mask and a hair net. She said it was time. It took me less than three minutes to wear everything they gave me and she led me to the Delivery room. Belle was already propped up in the table, her OB was already standing next to her while her mom, was sitting near the door. I went near Belle and I let her know that I was there. I held her hand and helped her as much as I could while she delivered our baby.
After 17 hours of labor, Belle gave birth to our little boy. He weighed 6.6 lbs and was pink when he came out. Seeing my boy for the first time, made me forget all the things I went through that day. Seeing the relief and happiness in Belle’s face as she saw our baby for the first time, it was enough to erase all the pains she felt during her labor. This chapter in our lives is over. It’s now time to start writing on a new chapter in our life…
With our little superhero… our “Green Lantern”… Kyle Rayner Adam Pondiong.
If you are wondering why… just try to google it… and you will see why 😀


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