Working the night shift

I’ve always been curious about working in a company with a shifting schedule.  Well, working the graveyard shift to be exact.  I really thought that it was easy, I mean I can work from 9am till 3 or 4am the next day.  I did that for about 4 months.  How hard can it be.

All I can say “Me and my big, fat mouth”.

My first week in working the night shift was a disaster.  Well, it was a disaster for me anyway.  On my first night, I brought some chocolates as snacks.  For the coffee, I was still a beggar by then.  My shift started normally enoguh, communicated with my boss, read some emails and downloaded some files for the project.  But after 6 hours, I already ate my chocolates (sugar rush) and drank 2 cups of coffee.  I really felt weird that time since my mind was on full alert yet my body was heavy.  I really tried hard not to fall asleep in my cubicle, on my first day of working the graveyard shift, lest my officemates see me.  So, I was practically a zombie by the time my shift ended.  When I arrived at home, it was 630am already, I went to bed immediately.  I did not even have time to kiss my wife or son.  I just changed my clothes and fell flat immediately to the waiting pillows.

The next few days, I was able to adjust slowly, although there is still the pressure of not falling asleep (even just closing my eyes was bad) in front of my officemates.  But now, I have found some things to do to help me stay awake (aside from work).  Well, the mp3’s on phone really helps, plus the “stretching / walking exercises” every now and then.  Still, I’m far away from saying that my body is 100% graveyard shift compliant.

One thing for sure though, working the graveyard shift is quite an experience.


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