Confessions of…

Yes, I’m an addict. It may shock all of you but I really am. I’ve been addicted to anime’s since I was in elementary. The first time I got a taste of animes was when I saw Daimos and Voltes V. It blew my mind completely. I was never the same again.

So, just how addicted am I? This may sound crazy but I’ve dreamt, several times, that I am the main character in one of the anime’s I’m watching. Sometimes, I feel like a part of the show and either I am the protagonist or the antagonist. Well, I credit the Japanese writers for having such vivid imaginations.

My addiction worsened as I was exposed to other anime’s. Dragonball, Battle Ball, Mazinger Z, Grandizer… just to name a few of them. As I grew into high school, I found others who were the same as me. There, I tried on other cartoons. Transformers, G. I. Joe, Robotech, Battle Ball, M.A.S.K., Thundercats and so on. With each day, I begin to watch more and more cartoons.

When I stepped into college, I became a collector. I started collecting anime’s. All thanks to the Internet, the invention of CD-Writers and to blank CD’s. In college, I found out that there are a lot of us who were addicted with these shows. Soon, I went into trading my collection for theirs. Then, I was exposed to manga or Japanese comics. And my life ventured on to a different path.

Right now, I’m in my late 20’s (I refuse to divulge my true age without the presence of my lawyer), a father, and working in an multi-national company, and I am still an addict. My collections keep increasing. Every year, I have to find new ways to hide my collection so that someday I can show them to my son.

I just hope that he will also learn to appreciate my interest.


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