Another epic Clash of the Titans

NBA finals… Game 7… Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics… haven’t we been through this road before?  Well, not exactly since I am not talking about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird(two of my All-time favorites, by the way) here, but I am referring to this year’s rivalry of Kobe Bryant vs. the Celtics Big Three (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen).  People all over the world were excited, despite it being World Cup season.  You can feel it in the TV news, Radio, Internet buzz… everywhere!  People all around was expecting a great fight between these two Titans… and they delivered, without fail.

And after the fray, the Los Angeles Lakers walked away with their 16th NBA title and Kobe’s 5th.  I am not a Lakers fan, I prefer the Cavs  (Go King LJ) over them, but I applaud them for their great performance.  Still, one team cannot create the perfect game… it takes two.  I also applaud the Boston Celtics performance.  They showed everyone that teamwork is the backbone to their every win.

Despite all this, It’s not all party yet.  With this win, Phil Jackson is now thinking about his future with Lakers.  Whether to extend or not, is the question that he will be facing for next week.  For Ray, to be a Celtic still or look for better opportunities elsewhere.  Even for Artest, his future is still uncertain, although I think his contract will be extended.

And as a parting, I wish to say… Congratulations Los Angeles Lakers for winning the NBA 2010 Finals and being crowned, one more as the NBA Championships.  Alhtough for next year, all I can say is… Go Lebron James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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