move NBA… hello Wimbledon :D

After enjoying a great NBA season (although my team did not win), sad to say I will have to wait again till next season to satisfy my NBA craving.  Now for the moment, where to next?  Hello Wimbledon!!!!

I’m looking forward to this year’s All England Club tournament for a lot of reason.

One, Roger Federer’s performance… will he be adding another Grand Slam win to his already impressive collection? or drop his chance like he did on the last Roland Garros tournament?

Two, Rafael Nadal’s performance… last year, he was in a slump and lost most of his games due to injury.  Now, revived and brimming with confidence from his win at the French open tournament, will he be taking his 8th Grand Slam title on grass?  Will he be the next big thing after Roger Federer?

Three, Justin Henin’s comeback on Wimbledon.  Last 2008, she shocked the world when she announced her retirement to professional tennis and she did it while she was ranked no. 1.  Last January, she announced her comeback and made an impressive run at this year’s Australian Open where she finished as runner up after Serena Williams.   Now, will she be the favorite winner here or will she fall again to the Williams?

Well, I could go on but that will just bore you.  So, as far as I am concerned, I will be following Wimbledon instead of World Cup.  No offense to the football/soccer fanatics out there but I find Tennis more exciting even against Basketball or Baseball.

Let the games begin… Go Roger!!!!


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