making History in Wimbledon

Wednesday, June 23, 2010… Day 3 of the Wimbledon Championships… History was remade in the humble court 18.  And what was amazing was that it wasn’t made by already famous names like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal or the Williams sisters or any top 10 player in both ATP and WTA rankings.  But yesterday, they immortalized their names with their magnificent game…

And the game is not even finished yet… 😀

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen… the longest tennis match in Wimbledon and in history is still currently ongoing… John Isner from USA, ranked 19 in the world, and Nicolas Mahut of France, ranked 148 in the world,  played for 2 days straight already… for 10 hours to be exact… and they will be continuing today for the conclusion of their match.  Today, will be the third day for these match… everyone is excited on how these match will turn out.

People watching yesterday’s tennis event all wandered to court 18 as they heard that history is being made there… even some of the top ranked players are impressed at the show that these two ‘monsters’ are giving.  Serving ace after ace… responding with winners here and there… These two men have immortalized their names forever in History.

Okay, if you are curious as to what records they have broken yesterday in their match, I’ll list some of them for you…

  1. The most aces played in a Wimbledon match… Isner with 98 aces as of yesterday’s count and Mahut with 94… the old record was 78 by Ivo Karlovic.
  2. The longest match played in terms of number of games… they currently have played a total of 163 games… the old record was 122-game 1973 Davis cup doubles game.
  3. The longest match in terms of time… 10 hours to be exact as of yesterday, when they halted the match… the final set alone already stands at 7 hours and 6 minutes…
  4. The longest fifth set being played (7 hours and 6 minutes)… they are currently tied at 59-59… In number of games alone, they have beaten all the other records…

And these values are likely to change by the end of the 3rd day of these contest… To be honest, I wish I could watch this game live, you know… be in the actual court with all the people… But I can’t…  I just hope that this match will be available for download soon 😀

Right now, I believe, that this is not about winning or losing anymore… Whatever the outcome will be, I believe these two are already winners…  They have shown the whole world what they are willing to do… what they are willing to give…  just so that they could get a chance of winning a Grand Slam crown…  These two men, or monsters for that matter, have already created a legend… and forever will be immortalized along with the likes of Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Andre Agassi and more…

for more about this… refer to:;_ylt=AuGQ6AkzfXuwLuIJgZXGXx44v7YF?urn=ten,250772


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