The KING brings on the HEAT (and takes some too…)

Ladies and Gentlemen… the KING has left the Cleveland and the CAVS… and now heads to South Beach to join the Miami Heat.  Yes, you heard right.

Just earlier this week (I think it was yesterday, not sure) that Bosh made an announcement that he has agreed to sign up witht he Miami Heat.  He even made an announcement on his website, with some appropriate changes on his look (   And now James joins them.

Miami Heat just formed the new Big Three since the Boston Celtics formed the Allen-Pierce-Garnett tandem.

I was sure surprised when I read the news online.  I read all the articles in yahoo sports, then read also the reports on and, just to make sure that it was true.  To be honest, I wanted him to stay in with his old team and get a title but then again, it was all up to him.

Cleveland was devastated.  Miami was ecstatic.  The rest of the world… well see 🙂

Things are really shaking up come November when Miami Heat unleashes its new team.  Let’s just see how all of this works out.


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