Teething Twoubles…

Our 7-month old son is now teething.  Yes, it is as if World War III has struck at home everyday.   He complains mostly about the pain in his gums and with it, his tantrums also.  Everyday, it’s as if he is being tortured… you can hear him cry most of the time.  And it doesn’t help the fact that he has now a “what-I-want-I-get” attitude (I don’t know where he got that from… I said not from me… Okay?).

Well, that was the scenario 2 weeks ago.  Now, it’s a little bit better here but there are still some skirmishes here and there (especially when it takes too long to prepare his milk or to carry him…).  It’ frustrating sometimes but it is worth it… after seeing his smile, it makes everything worth it.

And the best part from all of this… he’s got a new smile which I love and my wife don’t :).

Okay, let’s just be clear on one thing… My wife doesn’t hate his new smile…. she just prefers his old one (refer to previous pic).

Well, gotta go… The King is calling me 🙂


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