excited… yet sad…

The last time I went home to Gen. Santos City was two years ago… It was the first Christmas me and my wife spent as husband and wife.  It was a great first time experience for the both of us… to have spent our first Christmas together inside the hospital room (I was operated for appendectomy last December 25, 2008).  It was an unforgettable moment for the both of us, but that is not the main topic for my blog tonight.

This weekend, me and my wife will be going home to Gensan (short for Gen. Santos City)… and we will be bringing our son with us.  It will be his first plane ride… and his first visit to my hometown (well, adopted hometown… that’s another story).  I am excited, so is my mom… but I am sad as well.

Let me explain… this event marks a lot of first not only for our son, Kyle, but also for me and my wife and also with my mom.  And it will be a challenge on all sides.

So let’s start with the good ones first…

  • Kyle’s first plane ride
  • Kyle’s first time to go to Gensan
  • First time for the three of us to be together in Gensan
  • First time for Kyle to meet his auntie’s, uncle’s and cousin’s in Gensan

Now, the down side…

  • We will have to leave Kyle in my mom’s house for a while until we can find a nanny
  • It will be the first time he is away from us
  • we will miss him…. as in

I really never thought that it was this hard to find a nanny.  I guess this is one of those challenges we have to face.

I just hope we can find a decent nanny soon.  I really don’t like this solution to our problem.  But as of the moment, it is the only option we have left.


2 thoughts on “excited… yet sad…

  1. can’t your mom come over for a while to take care of Kyle until you find a nanny?
    in my case, if we weren’t too far away or have overflowing cash, I would definitely take that option so I can start working again.

    anyhow, i hope you find a DECENT nanny soon …

  2. We tried that option… My mom has work also… so we had to go to our last option left…

    Hopefully, we can find a nanny soon…

    Kyle is in gensan now 😦 We miss him so much…

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