a week without Kyle…

It’s been exactly a week since I last saw our son… We miss him so much.  Well, at least he is doing okay at my mom’s house, but still it feels different being away from him.

Everyday I would call and send text messages to my mom or to my cousin asking about him.  It’s both great and sad to hear new things about him.  Great, since we know that everything is all right and he is well taken care of.  Sad, since we are not there to witness all the new tricks that he has learned.

I guess this is normal.  Just a few more days and hopefully, he will be back here with us.

We miss you Kyle… Hope to see you soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “a week without Kyle…

  1. Hi ate cha… 🙂 As for the nanny issue, we already have one although she has promised us verbally that she will work for us. She will start pa on the 21st of this month.

    As for the cousins, they are still in school kasi and I don’t want to force them but I did offer them the chance to come to Cebu. Again, its all up to them.

    Hopefully, we can resolve this issue soon 🙂 We really miss him gyud 😦

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