letting off some steam

I am a Filipino… and I am proud to be one.  Philippines is my home… this is where I was born… where I grew up and got married… and probably, this is where I will die.  It’s not perfect… but I love it, regardless of everything that makes this country bad in the eyes of the world.

But sometimes, it is hard to to be proud of my country especially when you can see just how STUPID some of us can be.  By pouring more salt to an already open and bleeding wound, we just caused a major uproar all over the world.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Then please look at this pictures below and see for yourself.

exhibit a - police in action

exhibit b - more of our police force in action

Now do you see what I mean?  Both this pictures shows just how UNPROFESSIONAL our police force is.  What do they think that place is… a TOURIST ATTRACTION SITE ???  I am sorry… I really want to defend you guys but this is just too much.   You just proved to the world that our police force is WEAK.

Regardless of how the world looks at our country… I am still proud to say that I am a Filipino and Philippines is my home.  I am proud of my country… except with our police force.


3 thoughts on “letting off some steam

  1. true! I am a proud Filipino, 1 proof is that despite of so many opportunities of working abroad I chose to stay. For some reason I just can’t leave our homeland! But what these stupid policemen showed was totally disrespectful! It’s a shoutout actually of what they are! Disrespectful, insensitive and stupid!Personally, I think their attention should be called & they should be given proper sanctions. They’re men in uniform carrying our emblem yet they do not know what that means.

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