Our wish for our son…

Last Sunday, November 28, 2010, we celebrated our son’s first  birthday.  Although, technically his birthday is actually Nov.  29.  It was a great day for me, my wife and our son.  He really  enjoyed his day because there were so many people there to  wish him well on his birthday.  A lot of kids also played with  him.
So, during the party, the clown (party host) asked me to give my birthday wish for our son.  I was so  surprised because I was totally unprepared and my mind was completely blank.  I have no idea what I blurted out but I do know it was probably something stupid.
And now I have decided to do it here in my blog… to share to everyone what I wish for our son on his first birthday.  Well then, here goes…

On your birthday today,A lot of things will change.  All we hope is that it will all be for the better and it will last for more than a day.  We wish you Joy and Happiness, not only to you but also to the people around you.  We hope that you can share to everyone your laughter, as you have shared it with us.  We also wish you a sound mind and body, to grow up strong and wise.  May you always be  surrounded by friends and family.  Supporting you along every step that you take.  And lastly, We wish you Love and God’s guiding hand. May people around you, continue to shower you with their love and affection, nurture and care for you.  And, we pray that God continue to keep you safe, away from harm,and help you grow stronger each day.  We love you very much, our child.  Again, Happy Birthday, our little Green Lantern.


3 thoughts on “Our wish for our son…

  1. HAPPY birthday again to your dear kyle. It’s a joy having read all these from a father! Be healthy and safe always baby.

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