Its all about the HEAT…

Early this year, I wrote about “King” James transfer from Cavs to Heat and its effect across the world (old blog post here).  Now, after 25 – 30 games, let’s see where they stand.

Miami currently stands at 17 – 8, making them #1 in the Southeast division, for the Eastern conference.  Not bad actually.  Although, a lot of people were thinking that they could break the old record set by the Chicago Bulls (72 – 10, 1995-96), it was never realized.  They had the potential. OK, scratch that.  They could have done it, they had all the weapon there.  The problem was that there was just too much talent in the team.  Wade, Bosh and James all used to be the #1 guys in their teams.  Now, to place them in one team and ask them to play nicely with each other… It just won’t work out immediately.

So they were off to a rough start, losing to Boston on their first game.  It all started there.  Sure, they won some and loss some.  But they did not look like a “Super” team, just an ordinary one.

Then, lately, they began to look like the team we all envisioned them to be.  Winning 8 straight games, they now have a decent win – loss standing and things have started to shape up in their team.  I guess we could all say that they finally found their groove.  Albeit its still a bit early to tell, we can clearly see that they are now improving on their teamwork and they have now adjusted on the things each of them need to do to make their team work.

Wade and James are still the main point getters for the team.  Bosh now becomes their support.  Arroyo serves as a wingman for either D.Wade or The King.  And without Haslem to boost up their rebounding, Ilgauskas, James and Bosh has to pick up the slack.

The heat are now making waves.  But the real test will be playing against the Lakers or the Celtics.  Then we will all see just how much they have changed from the beginning of the season.


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