my taste in music…

I love listening to good music.  It helps me relax, it inspires me or even helps me clear my mind.

I have no particular favorite genre when it comes to music although I do prefer 80’s and 90’s music.  I can go from Hard Rock, Alternative, to Hip-Hop, to RnB, to Classic, or even Love songs.  It usually depends on my mood.  Sometimes, it also depends on what is available.

As for the current trend of music, there are some that is good.  Although, there are some that I find lacking.  I think they lack the heart and soul that was present in the songs back in the 80’s and 90’s.   Maybe it is because it was the music that I grew up with, but I find that the music of the 80’s and 90’s had more heart compared to the current music now.

Anyway, I wish that they would return the old trend in making music.  Or maybe it is still there and I just can’t find it [must be because of my age…].  I guess I’ll just have to see… I guess I would prefer to listen to anyone except J.Bieber. 😀


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