PORQUE by Maldita

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted a video link in his FB feed about a chabacano song sang by a local band from Zamboanga City..  Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link and was directed to a video in youtube.  And that is how I stumbled upon this local band Maldita and their song PORQUE.

To be honest, at first, i was not expecting much about the song or the band since, well, we have a lot of bands like this sprouting everywhere and only a handful of them were really worth listening to.  But this one really grabbed my attention.  Well, aside from the cute vocalist, her voice is really good… plus the lyrics of the song is really very meaningful.  The song’s lyrics conveys such powerful emotions, albeit the wordings are quite simple enough (as is true with most OPM songs, no offense guys).

MalditaThe Band is composed of :

WHEY —Rhythm Guitar/Composer/Arranger
DEMZ — Lead Vocs
RB — Lead Guitar
MAD — Drums

You can view their Facebook page here: MALDITA FB Page


I do hope that this band make it big.  And maybe produced more songs in Tagalog :).

Anyway, here is the video for the their song PORQUE. You can find the lyrics of the song below [credit for the lyrics translation goes to this guy here.].   As for the audio files, I would really love to post them but I think it violates some rules here on this site.  So, if you guys want a copy, just leave a note in the comments section of this post.


Lyrics [with English translation]:


by: Maldita


Solo-solo na mi cuarto (Alone in my room)

Hende ta puede durmi (I could not sleep)

Bira-bira na cabeza (In my mind it keeps coming back)

El dolor yo ya sinti (The pain that I felt)



Porque pa contigo yo ya quiere? (Why was it that I liked (or loved) you?)

Como bula lang tu ya perde (Like bubble you disappeared)



Porque contigo yo ya escogi? (Why was it that I chose you? )

Ahora mi corazon ta sufri (Now, my heart suffers)

Bien simple lang yo ta pidi (What I ask for is too simple)

Era sinti tu el cosa yo ya sinti (That you feel how I felt)


Ta pidi milagro bira’l tiempo (I ask for a miracle to turn back the time)

El mali hace derecho (For this mistake to be corrected)

Na di mio rezo ta pidi yo (In my prayer I ask)

Era olvida yo contigo (That I forget you)


Todo-todo yo ya dale (I have given everything)

Ahora ta arrepenti (Now, I am regretting)

Sobra-sobra el dolencia (Too much pain)

Tormento para vivi (It is difficult to go on (or to live))

Repeat Refrain and Chorus



No tu distorba (Never bother me)

Y no atraca kay baka (Or even come near me)

palmadia yo contigo (I might be able to slap you in the face)

Nunca accepta (Never accept)

Si tu ay bira por dolor ya sinti (For if you come back, it is pain I feel)


Porque contigo yo ya escogi? (Why was it that I chose you? )

Ahora mi corazon ta sufri (Now, my heart suffers)

Bien simple lang yo ta pidi (What I ask for is too simple)

Era sinti tu el cosa yo ya sinti (That you feel how I felt)

Repeat Chorus

Ooohh..Porque contigo yo ya escogi? (Why was it that I chose you?)

Ahora mi corazon ta sufri…(Now, my heart suffers)


again, credits for the lyrics transcription and translation goes to this guys here ->




5 thoughts on “PORQUE by Maldita

  1. my mother really understands this song she really kikes it and me too cause its the first chabacano song and you really awakened chabacano songs

  2. dear freinds maldita buenas dias alam nyo ba na first time kong marinig ang song nyo ay nagandahan talaga ako all thought nasasaktan ako kasi parang kanta ko yan para sa aking minahal na nagpakasal kay alma moreno mayor fahad salic at natamaan nyo ako sa sobrang lungkot ko ng ilang taon e ngayon nalabas ko na sa pamamagitan ng inyong kanta im very proud of you at paki dedicate na lang kay city mayor fahad salic ang kanta ko yan para sa kanya ilove you guys i wish na magkita tayo soon and dto lang ako para sa inyo for the support here in manila year 2013 ill be back to zamboang city see you soon love ate katherene wish you all the best sana isa ako pagdating ng araw na magaabot ng award nyo here in manila to support u

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