house transfer blues…

Exactly 2 months ago, we moved out of the small apartment we were renting and moved in to a new house.  I did not know that moving can be such a hassle… not to mention stressful.  Before I got married, I used to move a lot.  But for me, it wasn’t a big deal.  It was just a matter of moving a couple of bags of my clothing, some boxes filled with CD’s. DVD’s and books, and my PC.  I can do it in maximum of 2 hours.

Now that we have a lot of things in the house, it was really… well, it was a lot of work.  A few weeks before the actual day, we had to start packing things.  To be honest, it was a new experience for me.  When I usually pack, I just throw things into one box, not caring whether they were labeled, or categorized.  Well, that’s just how I did things before.

So anyway, just days before transferring, the house pretty much looked liked a warehouse.  Boxes everywhere, things wrapped in plastic and tied with rope, and so on.   It was pretty crazy coming home and seeing another box stacked in the corner.

That was not the only problem we had prior to moving in.  We encountered a lot of complications just a few days before our target date.  There were still a lot of things that was not fixed in the house we were moving in to.  All in all, during those times, tempers flared, stress levels were at high and me and my wife were both tired from everyday from packing things then going to work.

Eventually, we were able to move in successfully.  It took us another 2 days to rearrange all our things back.  Honestly, it was the one of the most weirdest and stressful experiences I’ve had.


2 thoughts on “house transfer blues…

    1. Yeah… from Kyle alone, we had around 3 or 4 big boxes… then there’s the appliances… well, its a good thing that its over… but now, we are so far away na from Cebu City… 1 hr travel 😦

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