Bye2x Lakers… Bye2x Phil Jackson

I am not an LA Lakers fan but I never imagined that last season’s champs would lose at the second round of the playoffs.  To make things worse, they got swept (4-0 in favor of Dallas Mavericks) and on Phil Jackson‘s last game of his marvelous career.

Honestly, I expected the Lakers to fight back.  I mean, they are the defending champions right?  The least you can expect from them is to fight back and get a win or two.  It’s shocking, to say the least, and embarrassing as well for the players.

The frustration can clearly be seen from some of their players (Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum).  I can understand them venting out at their opponents but… common, flagrant fouls? ejections?  And Bynum, I don’t think J.J. Barea deserves to be clobbered by a guy a foot taller than him.  At least find someone your own size, okay?

Well, Kobe Bryant deserves some credit.  He fought to the bitter end regardless of his and his team’s performance.  But what happened to Pau Gasol?  He clearly wasn’t at his best for the 2nd round, especially against Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks.  Well, looks like their journey ends here.  Things will get pretty exciting now with Phil gone.  So, what will be your next move Lakers?

As a farewell note, I offer my congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks.  I hope you guys will be this year’s West Conference Champs.  As for the NBA Champions, my money is still on the  Chicago Bulls.

Also, to Phil Jackson… you’ve had a hell of a career.  Good luck to whatever you will be pursuing after this one.

** credit for the images all goes to NBA @ Yahoo


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