Djokovic vs. Federer for French Open semis

Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer.  Sounds like a Grand Slam final match-up, right?. But unfortunately, it’s not.  It’s still is in the semis and both of this players are playing very well.  Right now, I find it very hard to guess which of my two favorite players will win.

First, we have Novak.  He is the MAN right now in the tennis world.  Currently, he stands at 42-0… yes, he is still undefeated since his run at this year’s Australian Open.  And now, he is taking a shot at history by trying to break John McEnroe‘s 1984  record (42 wins from the start of the year… currently tied) and Guillermo Vilas‘ longest winning record (46 straight wins).  Whether he will be able to achieve it or not, we shall see.

On the other hand, we have Roger.  Currently ranked number 3 in the ATP rankings… as compared to Novak, number 2.  But he is also a record holder on his own right.  Having won 16 Grand Slam titles, and currently, is playing at his best form.

With this current match-up,  its really hard to decide who will win.  How will Roger handle Novak, who is playing his best tennis right now?  Will this be a repeat of the Australian Open semis?  Or will a different result come about?

Whether Novak will make history or Roger ends his streak is still unclear.  But right now, from my point of view, both of them are equally matched.  It will all come down to who wants it the most.  Can’t wait for their match this friday.


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