fishing time @ Co-Jordan

Last Saturday, July 9, 2011, “Team Nat” went to another team-building activity.  The venue, Co-Jordan Pond Seafood Restaurant.

Co-Jordan is located somewhere in the vicinity of Consolacion, Cebu.  I’m not really sure of the name of the place but it is located near Consolacion Community College and Redwood Subdivision (I think it’s name is Redwood).  It’s a nice, quiet place… a little secluded and the ambiance is relaxing.

To get there, you can ride a jeepney bound for Lilo-an and stop just near the place where the new SM Mall in Consolacion is being constructed.  Afterwards, you can ride a tricycle from there, for P10 fare, and tell them you are heading to Co-Jordan.  It’s quite easy to get there actually.

Anyway, we departed IT Park at around 7:00 am and arrived about an hour after at the fishing place.  At first glance, you will see that the design of the place is just very simple… its like seeing a collection of bahay-kubo in one area.  now, I’ve been to other fishing area sites here in Cebu but Co-Jordan’s atmosphere is totally different from the others I’ve been to.

So, after arriving, we rented out a big cottage worth P500.  it was quite nice… it had a hammock on one corner, a videoke machine and even a rocking chair.  Truly, a place for you to relax.  Then we rented out some fishing poles @ P10 each, bought fish bait @ P10 each also and same price also for the fish feeds.  Then we started catching our prey for lunch.

After an hour of catching bangus (milk-fish), we were able to get around 10 kg. worth.  Well, I guess its due to the fact that we were still the only people in the place.  So, we took our haul and had the people there clean it up and serve it.

All in all, it was a great experience.  We had fun, and we were able to relax after a week of hard work.  Food is also great, especially the kinilaw.  The place is very decent.  The attendants are accomodating.  Given the chance, I will definitely take my family there next time.

Here are some pictures we took from there (credits goes to Leah and Ivy).


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