IBM-Gawad Kalinga Smarter Youth Program

** This is a mega late post… I blame procrastination ( or simply being lazy 😛 )

Last August 27, 2011, our company launched one of activities called Smarter Youth Program, which is still a part of IBM’s Centennial Celebration.  This event is an outreach program whose main objective is to teach or educate children with the use of computers.  The event started last May 2011 and since then, our company has continued its service with the children.  We have adopted a community in Tubod, Toledo City where we conduct this event on a monthly basis.

To be honest, I wanted to join this event ever since it started but I always had something to do on the days it was held.  Luckily, I was able to attend last month.

Anyway, there were about 40 IBMers this time and around that much kids as well.  We separated the kids into several groups and taught them some cool stuff about computers.  For the kids around 3 yrs old up to 9 yrs old, we had them play around an interactive program that teaches them to recognize color, shapes and pictures.  We had them do some hands-on experience and it was fun to watch them.  For the kids above 9 yrs old and teens, we had a class for them that showed some of the cool things to can do with computers like for instance in the gaming industry.  Snacks were also provided for the kids.

It was a great activity and everyone had so much fun.  Even though it was tiring, seeing the kids enjoy the day was really great.  I hope I can join again next month.

Here are some pics from the event:



4 thoughts on “IBM-Gawad Kalinga Smarter Youth Program

  1. Hi, saw your photo of the GK kids and was wodnering if I could reproduce them for any publicity purposes for GK. Pls cotnact me. Thank you.

    1. sure… but please take note that some of these pics are not mine so please provide a link to my site or mention it somewhere that the pics you have taken are from here… okay?

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