A year older… a bit wiser ( hopefully )

Today is both a special and sad day for me…

First, its my birthday. Weeeeeeeee!!!! Yes, I am 1 year older today but I don’t feel any different.  I still feel young ( no violent reactions please! ) but not sure if I am any wiser than before.  But here’s hoping and wishing to a better year for me 🙂

Second, its exactly my 5 years with my current company, the longest tenure I have had compared to my previous ones.  And I hope to stay for a few more years.

Today, a good friend of mine also celebrates his birthday today.  He would have been 35 this year, but sad to say, he is no longer among us.  He passed away last year.  Still feels weird that he is not around anymore.  I know his family is sad that he isn’t with them anymore.  But I know wherever he is right now, he is having one heck of a party.

So, happy birthday to the both of us Wax!  Hope your having a grand day today.


5yrs ++ …


wow… 5 years. It’s amazing to think that time just went by so fast. 5 years of laughter and fights and tears and joys.  And I know that there will be more to come.  And until now, I still thank God that you came into my life.  Happy 5 years my dearest bokikoy 🙂 I love you so much and will always do 😀

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8 Aspects Of Life In Which Other People’s Opinions Shouldn’t Matter


A great reminder to everyone of us… It is not important how other people see us, but rather how we see ourselves. Worrying about what they think of you or your life will just simply drive you mad. Live your life the way you want… and don’t mind those people who talk smack behind your back.  You decide how to live your life, who to love, and where to go… and you will be happy 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. What you choose to do with your body physically. Your body is a temple, and it is a vehicle in which you are to experience your life. As such, you have sole discretion over what you want to do with it, and how you want to present it physically. People have the tendency to be wildly judgmental and critical over appearances, with everything from haircuts to body fat percentages to clothing choices to tattoos. It’s not just our cultural beauty standard that’s wrong, it’s the fact that a cultural beauty standard is a concept that’s wrong. It’s nothing more than yet another way to make you feel as though you are lesser if you don’t conform.

2. Who you love and how you can love them. You love who you love. There is nothing more tragic than being persecuted or judged for, of all things, love. There are some people…

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a tribute…


  • To the families who lost someone dear to them during the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo…
  • To the families of the latest school shooting incident in Newtown, Connecticut

I offer to you my condolences and my prayer… Words are not enough to ease the challenge you are going through.  Have faith and be strong.  God’s will be done…

Again, my condolences…


To my son…


Today marks a very special day for me and your mom… 3 years ago, God gave you to us. Our married life is one big adventure, but your arrival in our lives made it more so. Everyday became a day of discoveries… a day of fun and joy… a day of mad screams and laughter. Having you in our lives has made it more challenging… yet we will not trade any of it for whatever treasure in the world. Being a parent is the best reward there is…

Our wish for you, on your birthday, is very simple. We want you to have the best things that life has to offer. Happiness… good health… great friends… above all else, a life full of love 🙂

To our little Green lantern… Happy Birthday!!!